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Speakers will include Peggy Freed & Jessica Slenker, co founders of Freedom Path Ministries, Irene Rivera, retired counselor from New Life For Girls, and Kelly Baldwin from the Courage House!

Our ministry is devoted to teaching women who are homeless how to start over with the help of God.  We have a home for women and children to start over and a wealth of information to share. We have 10 years of experience.  It is wonderful to see God restore families.  It is a process bringing women and children out of chaos to a life of stability.  The time varies with each circumstance.  We invite you to check the stories of the various women that were helped.   

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Freedom Path Ministries
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The following is a paper that I prepared for grants. I feel it presents and encompasses the reason that transitional housing is needed for women and children starting over. I hope you enjoy it!

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to give a helping hand to the down trodden, to plant their feet firmly on the path of God toHis glory. in Galatians 6:2 it says, "Bear one another's burdens and thereby fulfill the law of Christ".

 Problem Statement:

Low income and homeless women have a need for affordable housing and Christian mentoring.  There is also a need to aid them in raising their childen.  It takes a village to raise a child.  There is limited space in short term shelters for mothers and children.


To aid women to attain a healthy Christian lifestyle that consists of stable work ethics, healthy morals, learning parenting skills, and independent living from government aid.                                                                            


I.  An interview process to see if the applicant is eligible for the transition program.  The applicant must be experincing a major life change such as divorce, loss of spouse, homelessness, or drugs and alcohol rehabilitiation.  A long term drug rehab must be successfully completed upon entering the program if a drug addiction is the cause of homelessness.

II.  The following must be agreed to upon entrance into the six to twelve month program:

     A.  Assess needs by completing the intake form.  If the applicant is eligible for

          the program, then she may proceed to the next step.

     B.  Client must agree to the contract that is in place.

III.  When the six to twelve month program is complete Freedom Path will assist with placement into an apartment.

IV.  Aftercare program.  The graduate is entitled to the following support:

     A.  Continue in classes and support groups.

     B. Access to aid from Freedom Path Ministries if we have access to what you

         need.  Examples of types of help provided:  Bus ticket to a rehab, Financial

         aid for a car battery,  support in child birth classes, aid in changing oil in

          your car.  etc.

Result: A woman will return to a productive life which sets a positive example for the community as well as other family members.  This will help break the cycle of abuse because children learn 90% by watching.  As they see their mother change they will follow her example. 

The following is a poem that expresses how Freedom Path Works! The majority of the women we help were abused children who did not get help or suffered some kind of trauma in their childhood such as loss of parent or divorce of parents.


Children Learn What They Live!

by Dorothy law Nolte


If children live with criticism,

They learn to condemn.

If children live with hostility,

They learn to fight.

If children live with redicule,

They learn to be shy.

If children live with shame,

They learn to feel guilty.

If children live with encouragement,

They learn confidence.

If children live with praise,

They learn to appreciate.

If children live with fairness,

They learn justice.

If children live with security,

They learn to like themselves.

If children live with acceptance and friendship,

They learn to find love in the world.


(This is what we believe for the women in our transitional housing program.  This does not only pertain to the childen but also the mothers!)








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